Palmira Residential Golf Cart Policy

In our Palmira community, golf carts are an alternative to the family car.   Golf carts share Palmira Association’s common element roads with other motor vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians and animals.

Florida law allows Golf Carts to be operated on private roads, subject to the Association’s restrictions and other applicable governing laws. 

The Palmira Residential Golf Cart Policy is focused on controlling the use of golf carts within the Palmira community (not on the Palmira Golf Course). 

Palmira Residential Golf Cart Policy
  1. Golf Cart owner/Palmira resident bears the liability and must be properly protected with appropriate insurance coverage.
  2. Property and Injury liability resides with the Homeowner (Golf Cart owner) and all those who operate or allow others to operate their golf cart. 
  3. Golf cart operators must know and adhere to Florida vehicle driver regulations.
  4. Golf carts operators must be at least 16 years of age with a valid driver’s license. This is consistent with the age requirement in the Golf Club Golf Cart Policy.
  5. Younger children must be accompanied by adults and should never be allowed to operate golf carts.

This Palmira Residential Golf Cart Policy provides guidance to protect all residents, families and their guests. Care and caution is required in operating any vehicle within the Palmira community, including following all the rules of the road (e.g., stopping at all STOP signs).